Nitschmann Middle School Color Guard

Color Guard Tryouts for 2021-2022

Majorettes, Flags, Rifles, and Honor Guard

Registration Link to Sign Up:

Tryout Dates for all Color Guard sections:

May 9-13, 4:00-5:00pm 

At Nitschmann

You will learn the marching skills, equipment skills, and tryout routines over the course of the tryout week.

Tryout Information, Details, and Expectations:

  • Any student who will be in 6th – 8th grade in the coming school year is eligible to try out.  Students currently in color guard are required to try out for the upcoming season.
  • Please complete the online registration form.
  • Tryouts will consist of marching skills and a routine of equipment skills.  All required skills will be taught to you at the tryout practices.
  • Students are allowed to try out for more than one section if they are worried about not making it into a particular section.
  • Students are allowed to try out for color guard even if they play a band instrument and are planning on joining Nitschmann’s band.  Many students participate in both band and color guard.
  • The Code of Conduct is in effect at all times.  Students are expected to be respectful, responsible, focused performers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Color Guard Tryouts

Does everyone make it?  How many students are chosen for each section?

We choose students for the sections based on tryout scores, ability, and potential, not based on a number of “slots” in the section.  We also choose a mix of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders so we have balanced sections.

What equipment does Honor Guard use?

Our honor guard marches with the the American flag, Pennsylvania flag, City of Bethlehem flag, and BASD flag.  We have a full set of military flags: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard.  We also have a banner, honor guard rifles, and sabre.  Honor Guard does not do routines in parades, so all you would need to do is learn the marching skills and get to know the equipment you carry.

In the winter season, Honor Guard students learn other pieces of equipment like rifles, flag batons, swing flags, or giant flags.

How can I get to the tryout practices from my elementary school?

There will probably be several students from your elementary school who also want to try out for color guard, so ask around and see if someone can give you a ride.

Can I take a flag home to practice?

We have a limited number of flags that you may sign out to practice at home.  If you do not get to sign out a flag, try practicing with a broom, baseball bat, field hockey stick, etc.

Where can I get a baton?

You can buy a baton at the Music Center at the Westgate Mall for about $25.  Amazon and other online retailers are also a good option.  If you would rather wait to buy a baton until you find out if you make the majorettes or not, you can borrow a baton from Mrs. Hriniak.

Can I try out for more than one section?

Yes!  We encourage you to try out for multiple sections so you have better chances of being selected for color guard.  If you try out for multiple sections, we will place you in the section where you are strongest.

When will I know if I made the color guard?

Results will be emailed to the email address you provide when you register for tryouts.  We will also notify the elementary schools.

How will I get information about Summer Band?

Summer Band is held in August and runs Monday to Friday for two weeks.  You will receive more information by email, so please make sure to check your email over the summer.

What does color guard do in the winter season?

Color Guard is a year-round activity.  In the winter season, we prepare routines for an indoor-guard winter performance in the gym.

Do I get to go on the spring trip if I’m in Color Guard?

Yes! Color Guard students participate in the band spring trip.  

Can I be in color guard and still play an instrument in band?

Yes!  We will work out a schedule so you spend some rehearsals with color guard and some rehearsals with band.  You will continue to take instrument lessons as you normally would.

Time Commitments for 2022-2023 (Mark your calendar!)

August: two weeks of Summer Band Camp practices (morning)

August 8-12

August 15-19

Monday and Thursday early morning rehearsals at 7:15am during the school year

October: Nazareth Parade, Saucon Valley Parade, Night Football Game, Bethlehem Parade

February: Winter Guard Performance

May: Band/Color Guard Concert and Spring Trip

Color Guard is a major time commitment.  Please let Mrs. Hriniak know if your schedule does not permit you to continue with color guard.

Nitschmann Middle School

Color Guard Rules and Regulations

Students will attend all rehearsals:

·            Band attendance policy specifies a maximum of 8 absences per school year. 

·            If you are injured but attending school, you are required to attend rehearsals.

·            Students must be on time for rehearsals.

·            Students should not attend academic help sessions on color guard days.  You have made a commitment to color guard, so you are expected to be at rehearsal.  Please schedule extra help on a day when you don’t have rehearsal.  If you go to extra help on color guard day, it will count as an absence, even if you are only at extra help for 10 minutes.

·            Summer rehearsals are necessary because of the fall parade season.  If any rehearsals are going to be missed during summer practice (example: family vacations) please contact Mrs. Hriniak and Mr. Zettlemoyer in advance.

Student Conduct:

·            The District Code of Conduct is in effect at all times.

·            District and school policies are in effect at all times: Language, Dress Code, Equipment, Uniform, etc.

Rehearsal/Performance Requirements:

  • Students are expected to be on time for all rehearsals.  Morning announcements start promptly at 7:15 am, and you must be seated and ready at that time.
  • Each section will have captains, assistant captains, or junior captains as designated by the Color Guard Advisor and the Band Director.  The captains will be expected to make up routines for performances.  They will be expected to teach these routines to their section in a timely fashion.  The Advisor will assist in any way necessary.
  • At times, extra practices will be called.  Students will be expected to attend these extra rehearsals unless prior approval for missing rehearsal is given or unless a student is in Singers, Orchestra, or another music ensemble that meets during the extra practice.
  • Students may participate in other extracurricular activities that do not interfere with Color Guard requirements and rehearsal schedules.
  • Students who play an instrument in band may also be in color guard.  Your rehearsal schedule will be determined by the Band Director and the Color Guard Advisor.
  • Students are required to participate in all performances.  This includes parades.  There will be no excuses for dance, baton, cheerleading, or sports.  Missing performances can result in dismissal from Color Guard.
  • Students will be required to follow all rules of the Nitschmann Band.

Please let Mrs. Hriniak and Mr. Zettlemoyer know if you have any questions once you have read this information.  Click here to register for tryouts, and good luck!

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