8th Grade Trip

Wednesday, March 27




7:00 AM            Check in – no later than 7:10 AM

7:30                   Leave Nitschmann by charter buses                   

10:00                  Arrive NYC   

                          Time on your own to sightsee, shop and eat

1:30                    Arrive at theater      

2:00 – 4:45        Back to the Future performance

4:45 pm            We will walk as a group from the theater to the bus pickup location. 

5:15 pm             Depart NYC from Bryant Park (Between 42nd St. & 40th St. and 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.)

7:30- 8:00 pm   Return to Nitschmann

Important Information

Be On Time!

You must be on time for all report times and check-ins.  Be at Nitschmann on time.  If you are late we WILL leave without you.  We must leave on time; if we don’t we will be stuck in traffic for hours.  Make sure you stay with the group for all transfers.  If we are late getting to the theater, they will not let us in until intermission and we will miss the first half of the show.  You must be on time for our departure or you will pay the overtime bus fee.

Stay Together

It is very important that you stay together with your group, especially when walking to our pick up location.  The buses are not allowed to park on NYC streets, so you must stay together with the group so we can all board the bus as soon as it arrives.

Transportation Arrangements

Please be sure to make arrangements prior to the trip to be dropped off at school by 7:00 AM and picked up at approx. 8PM.  You may use your cell phone to call for your ride once we get close to Nitschmann on the return home.

Food and Spending Money

It is suggested that you pack snacks and drinks for the bus ride to and from NYC. There is a possibility that we may be stuck in traffic, so it is a good idea to have drinks and snacks. You will need to pay for your lunch in the city and any souvenirs you wish to purchase.  $40 to $50 should be enough for the day. Please be safe and use common sense with your money.  You are responsible for your money.


You may bring cell phones. You are responsible for any items that you bring alone with you. It is a good idea to label your items with your name and phone number in case they get lost.  ALL electronics must be turned off during the show.


We will be seeing a Broadway show, so it is expected that all students are dressed casual, but neat and presentable. You are representing Nitschmann; dress accordingly.  Please wear comfortable shoes, since we will be walking around the city.  Check the weather and dress appropriately, because we go RAIN, SNOW, or SHINE!!!!


This is just a reminder that all students must stay with their chaperone at all times during the trip. Your chaperone will decide as a group what you will do during the free time. Save the theater location in your phone so you can use google maps to find your way back to the theater by 1:30pm.  You will have time to walk up to the lower end of Central Park, NBS Studios, Rockefeller Center, M&M World, Radio City Music Hall, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


  1. M&M World – 7th Ave. between 48 & 49th street
  2. Hershey Chocolate World – 7th Ave. between 47th & 48th Street
  3. Times Square – 7th Ave. between 45th and 47th Street
  4. Lego Store – 636 5th Avenue between 51st and 50th Streets.
  5. Radio City Music Hall – 6th Ave. between 50th & 51st Street.
    • NBC studios
    • Rockefeller Ice Skating rink
    • NBC Studio Store
  6. Rockefeller Center – The blocks between 5th & 6th Ave., 48th – 51st Street.
  7. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – 5th Ave. between 50th & 51st Street.
  8. Central Park – Begins at W. 59th Street.


Hard Rock Cafe – 43rd Street and Broadway

Bubba Gump Shrimp – 44th Street and Broadway

Red Lobster – 41st Street & 7th Avenue

Juniors Restaurant & Bakery – 44th Street & 7th Avenue


Olive Garden – 47th street and 7th Avenue

Applebee’s – 50th Street and 7th Avenue

Ellen’s Stardust Diner – 51st Street and Broadway

Shake Shack – 53rd Street and 7th Avenue

Juniors Restaurant & Bakery – 44th Street & 7th Avenue

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