Weekly News of Note

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Weekly News of Note

February 17 – February 23

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Monday, February 19


Tuesday, February 20

    Early morning orchestra rehearsal 7:15 am.

    Chair auditions continue

Wednesday, February 21

    Early morning jazz band rehearsal 7:15 am.

    Chair auditions continue

Thursday, February 22

     Early morning band rehearsal 7:15 am.

Friday, February 23

    Early morning orchestra rehearsal 7:15 am.

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February 21 – NIMAS General Membership Meeting 7:30 pm

March 1 – Nitschmann @ Northeast Jazz Festival 6:30 pm

March 7  – On the Border Dine to Donate event 11am – 9 pm

March 8 – Broughal Blues Jazz Festival 6:30 pm

March 13 – Mandatory trip meeting for all Boston participants (students and parents) 7 pm 

March 15 – Nitschmann Jazz Band Festival 6:30 pm

March 20 – Band uniform refit night 6:30 – 8 pm

March 20 – NIMAS General Membership Meeting 7:00 pm

March 20  – Winter Color Guard performance in the gymnasium 8:00 pm

March 27 – 8th Grade Music & Drama trip to NYC (Back to the Future)

April 5 – PMEA Elementary Band & Orchestra Festival (Select students)

April 6 – Matey’s pizza delivery

April 12 & 13 – Orchstra and jazz trip to Boston, MA

April 17 – NIMAS General Membership Meeting 7:30 pm

April 19 – NIMAS spring bingo night 6 pm

April 20 – Nitschmann night at the Phantoms

April 24 – Spring band concert – 7 pm

May 1 – Spring orchestra and jazz band concert – 7 pm

May 15 – NIMAS General Membership Meeting 7:30 pm

May 29 – Performing Arts Banquet 6 pm

May 31 – Hosting Music in the Parks Festival


Click here to see the alphabetical group list, your lesson day, and lesson time.


Winter color guard performance Wednesday March 20 at 8 pm in the gym.

The next NIMAS general membership meeting is Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30 pm in the instrumental music room.  Attendees should enter through the auditorium entrance.

Share your photos of our ensembles performances. 

We have created a google folder for you to share your photos and videos of the music ensembles performing throughout the school year.  Just click the link below and add your photos.



Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer and get involved in the instrumental music program. We need volunteers for parades, concerts, and many other activities. 

Parents must have their clearances on file in the Nitschmann office.  If you are not sure if your information is on file, contact the Nitschmann office at 610-866-5781. Information on how to renew or apply for your clearances can be found at https://www.basdschools.org/volunteering.

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All fundraising opportunities can be on the website at http://www.nmsim.org/nimas/fundraising/



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Each box is $72 

Each candy bar is sold for $1.50 (48 bars per box)

The seller earns $22 per box toward their fair share account

The NIMAS general fund receives $2 per box.

Candy is available for pickup at the monthly NIMAS meeting.

Contact Mrs. Brennan for more details


Wawa Shorti Hoagie Coupons

$5.50 each

$1 of each coupon goes to your child’s fair share account.

Contact Mrs. Fuehrer at pfuehrer@rcn.com.

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Sold in $100 increments

$4.00 of every $100 purchased goes to your fair share account.

Contact Mrs. Fuehrer at pfuehrer@rcn.com.