Spring Trip

Nitschmann Middle School

Spring Music Trip

May 11 & 12, 2018



Hello Everyone,

I am asking that all students arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 AM on Friday Morning. 
  • Parents please drop off your child in the main school parking lot.
All instruments need to be in the band room in their assigned area by the end of the school day on Thursday.  
Instrument cases should be labeled with your child’s name and bus number.
Anyone whose child needs to have the school nurse administered by the nurse on trip must drop off the medicine (only the exact doses to be given) between 5 and 7 PM on Thursday night.  If your child takes medicine for motion sickness, give it to them before they arrive on Friday.
What to wear
Due to the high temp of 93 degrees on Saturday, I will permit students to change out of their jeans at the park.(School appropriate pants/shorts)  Students must keep their ID shirts on.  To avoid any bus issues or delays please students may NOT change on the bus.  Students will be made to change out of any inappropriate clothing.
Friday – blue jeans and purple shirts
Saturday – blue jeans and blue ID shirt
Speak with your child about carrying their money safely.  
Students need money for:
  • Lunch on Friday
  • Food in the park on Saturday 
    • Each child will receive a food voucher for a meal in the park.
Students must sit with the same gender on the bus.  No boy girl in the same seats.
Students need to wear their lanyards at all times.
Friday Lunch
Students should eat lunch at the museum by 1:00 PM to avoid any delays in leaving on time.
Mrs. Fritz will be on Bus 1 for the trip and located at the Eiffel tower at the amusement park.
Students that are too sick to perform are too sick to go on rides.
All students need to attend breakfast.  Student should arrive at breakfast wearing their blue ID shirt and jeans.

Amusement Park

Students will have an assigned time to check in with their chaperon while at the park.
Students must eat before the awards ceremony.
Students should assemble outside the Peanuts Showcase for the awards ceremony at 5:00 PM.  Everyone must attend.
We will leave the park immediately following the awards ceremony.  Do not let students stop for food.
Students may use the bathroom when we stop on the ride home.  They may not purchase food or drink at the rest area.

Each student is permitted a small suitcase and a small carry on bag labeled with their name and bus number.
Items your child might want during the day should be packed in their carry on bag.
Snacks should be packed in their carry on bag.
Students may bring appropriately rated electronic game PG and lower.  
No energy drinks!  Snack should be in disposable containers.  Plastic bottles only. (No glass)
•All BASD rules apply as listed in the student handbook and exist throughout every moment of the trip.
•Wear appropriate attire
•No torn jeans.
•No shirts with exposed mid-drift.
•No exposed underwear.


  • Itinerary
  • Student bus, chaperon, and food list
  • acceptable snacks list
Email me with any questions.  Please do not text me your questions.


The trip forms must be completed and brought with you to the mandatory meeting on April 18.

  1. Permission slip
  2. Parent – Student Commitment Form
  3. Overnight trip medical form
  4. Authorization for medication during school hours
    1. Must be completed only if your child needs to have medication given to him or her during the hours of the trip.
    2. Requires a doctors signature. (Same as if your child would receive mediation during school hours from the nurse).

Please direct any questions you have about the trip to Mr. Zettlemoyer at 610-866-5781 ext. 41540 or dzettlemoyer@basdschools.org.



Transportation via motorcoach

Hotel accommodations

Music in the Parks Festival

Adjudicated Performances by:

Marching Band     Concert Band     Jazz Band

String Orchestra     Nitschmann Singers

Admission to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Spirit of Washington Student DJ Dinner Cruise

Admission to Kings Dominion Amusement park

Meal Coupon for lunch at the park


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