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Winner of 2022 Sousa’s March Mania: Wildcat March by Staff Sgt. Parker Gaims! Wildcat March defeated Entry of the Gladiators 19,744 to 14,378. Thanks to everyone who participated. Join us next year for the 10th annual competition!

Match #30 Results: American Patrol had a great run, but Entry of the Gladiators won this match 7,224 to 4,211.

Match #29 Results: Willie the Wildcat takes down Darth Vader! Wildcat March moves on to the championship by defeating The Imperial March 15,009 to 14,134.

Match #28 Results: Your “Fidelis Four” is set! The Entry of the Gladiators defeats Radetzky March 6,937 to 6,251.

Match #27 Results: Sons of Uncle Sam fell to the dark side as Imperial March won 2,890 to 2,699.

Match #26 Results: The Liberty Bell goes down – John Philip Sousa is knocked out of this competition by American Patrol! 2,242 to 1,992.

Match #25 Results: Wildcats overtake Man of Steel with Wildcat March defeating Superman March 8,347 to 7,510.

Match #24 Result: Radetzky March waltzes to victory and Country Band March heads for the hills. Match 24 final score: 5,281 to 3,696.

Match #23 Result: Another devastating Sousa loss – Sons of Uncle Sam wins Match 23 over Who’s Who in Navy Blue 4,966 to 3,154.

Match #22 Results: March of the Belgian Parachutists drops off the bracket and American Patrol moves on to the next round with a final score of 5,243 to 2,555.

Match #21 Results: Wildcat March claws its way to the Enlisted Eight defeating Colonel Bogey March 7,876 to 7,297.

Match #20 Results: Entry of the Gladiators takes a narrow victory over March of the Women Marines 1,652 to 1,461.

Match #19 Results: Circus Bee is seeing stars after losing to Imperial March 1,544 to 716.

Match #18 Results: The Liberty Bell struck down Nobles of the Mystic Shrine 3,825 to 3,475.

March #17 Results: Superman March flew away with an impressive victory over They Are There, 5,738 to 4,034.

Match #16 Results: Radetzky March sealed the final spot in the Sousa’s Sixteen beating The Dauntless Battalion 4,769 to 2,817.

Match #15 Results: Sons of Uncle Sam showed its patriotic spirit and defeated Jack Tar easily, 5,484 to 4,288.

March #14 Results: American Patrol easily marched its way to victory over The Diplomat, winning 5,190 to 2,476.

Match #13 Results: SSgt Parker Gaims’ Wildcat March clawed its way to victory over Sousa’s The Gladiator, 1,624 to 1,209.

Match #12 Results: The Ives fans have done it again, helping Country Band March win over Belle of Chicago, 1,039 to 873.

Match #11 Results: In a very tight match, Who’s Who in Navy Blue dropped anchor and declared victory over March of the Leathernecks, 4,899 to 4,863.

Match #10 Results: March of the Belgian Parachutists got the drop on Pathfinder of Panama winning 6,177 to 5,271.

Match #9 Results: WINNER:Colonel Bogey March beat out The Gallant Seventh 6,539 to 5,118.

Match #8 Results: March of the Women Marines proves stronger than Solid Men to the Front, 7,486 to 6,479.

Match #7 Results: The Circus Bee takes down The White Rose with 7,859 votes to 6,132.

Match #6: #MarchMania Results: Nobles of the Mystic Shrine takes down Cyrus the Great in the closest match to date, 3,333 to 3,281.

Match #5: #MarchMania results: They are There! edged out Sound Off, 1,999 to 1,730.

Match #4: Washington Post had a poor showing in the arena. Entry of the Gladiators prevails, 10,333 to 4,000. The next match will begin momentarily. #MarchMania

Match # 3: The Empire annihilated the Directorate. The Imperial March wins 15,252 to 1,972. The next match will begin momentarily.…/Sousas-March-Mania/

Match 2 Winner – The Liberty Bell March

Match 1 Winner – The Sumerman March


“Sousa’s March Mania” is an annual competition in which students and fans around the globe rally behind their favorite marches as they advance through a series of match-ups and onto a championship game. Each day two marches compete head-to-head, while votes for the favorite march determines which one advances to the next round. The 2022 edition of March Mania will be a dogfight like no other! Which marches will make it through the Sousa’s Sixteen, Enlisted Eight, and Fidelis Four to the final round? That’s for you to decide.

Participants in this event are encouraged to fill out a bracket before the competition begins and try to predict the champion. Anyone who predicts the final champion prior to the first match will be crowned an honorary “March King!”

Listen to the 2022 playlist of marches.

Print the 2022 bracket.

From March 1 – 31, “The President’s Own” will host its annual “Sousa’s
March Mania,” a tournament pitting 32 marches against each other for
the Marine Band online community to determine which one is the favorite.
Every day, marches will compete head to head while our friends and fans
vote which marches advance in the tournament!

How to participate:

STEP 1: Visit the Marine Band website (
to listen to the competing marches.

STEP 2: Fill out the bracket with your winning picks. (ALL COMPETING BRACKETS MUST BE GIVEN TO Mr. Zettlemoyer by MARCH 4 to be counted for the March King Competition)

STEP 3: Vote every day for your favorites beginning March 1 and
support your marches on social media. You can vote on the Marine Band
website or Facebook page (

STEP 4: Become a March King! At the end of the competition,
anyone with the winning march on their bracket will officially be
dubbed an honorary “March King!” Participants are invited to share
completed brackets by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using SousasMarchMania

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