Instrumental Lessons

Alphabetical Group List

April 2017

*How to read the group list.

  1. Click on the link for the Alpha Lesson Group List.
  2. Find you child’s name.
  3. To the right of their name you will see the group number.
  4. Find the day of the week your child has his or her lesson.
    1. Groups 1-8 are on Monday
    2. Groups 9-16 are on Tuesday
    3. Groups 17-24 are on Wednesday
    4. Groups 25-32 are on Thursday
    5. Groups 33-40 are on Friday
  5. If you cannot attend your assigned lesson see Mr. Z. to schedule an alternate group.


Are you interested in taking private lessons outside school?  Click here for a list of some possible options for private teachers.


If you wish to have your child take school lesson in place of or in addition to private lessons please contact me via email at dzettlemoyer@basdschools.org

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