Instrumental Lessons

Alphabetical Lessons Group List


1) Go to COURSEActivity: Section 1-10
2) Go to your “Materials Folder
3) Click on the “INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS” folder
4) Click on the file “Alphabetical Lesson Group List”
5) Find your name on the list. The list is sorted by last name.
6) The column on the right is the NAME OF YOUR LESSON GROUP.
7) Go back to your materials folder.
8) Click on “Lesson Schedule for Sept 30 to Oct 4
9) Find your group name on the lesson schedule.   It is a calendar. The first box is Monday, the second box is Tuesday and so on.
10) The number to the left of your group name is the time for your lesson.

Helpful tip: If you memorize your lesson group name, you will only need to look at the weekly schedule each week to find your lesson time.

*How to read the group list.

  1. Find your name on the alphabetical list.
  2. Reading left to right you will find your group and then the day you have your lesson.
  3. Go to the Lesson schedule above.
  4. Find the day of the week you have your lessons.
  5. Make sure you are looking at the correct date of the month.
  6. Find your group on that day.
  7. If your day or time slot is grayed out, you do not have lessons that day.
  8. Drums Makeup = This is the time drums should make up missed lessons
  9. WW Makeup = This is the time flutes, clarinets, and saxophones should make up missed lessons
  10. BR Makeup = This is the time when trumpets, French horns, trombones, bartiones, and tuba should make up missed lessons
  11. Str Makeup = This is the time when violins, violas, cellos, and basses should make up missed lessons.


Are you interested in taking private lessons outside school contact Mr. Zettlemoyer for more information.


If you wish to have your child take school lesson in place of or in addition to private lessons please contact me via email at dzettlemoyer@basdschools.org

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