How to care for your uniform


Your uniform is the property of the Bethlehem Area School District and Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association. It is your responsibility to return it to the Nitschmann Instrumental Music Association in the same condition you received it. Follow the instructions below to ensure your uniform is treated properly.

NOTE: NEVER CUT or PERMANENTLY ALTER any part of the uniform in any way, or your will be charged the full replacement cost of the item. Please contact the Uniform Chair person with any alteration questions. (The 2016-2017 Uniform Chair is Teena Lagree.)


When you get your uniform home:

  1. Try on the uniform to make sure it fits. Uniforms are a boxy fit. They should not be tight fitting.
  2. Adjust suspenders as needed…before checking the hemline. You can cross suspenders to help pull up pants.
  3. If needed, hem pants so the hemline falls just above the top of the shoe. Hems will be checked at the parades. You will be informed if your child needs to have their uniform hemmed on Uniform Distribution Night.
  4. If needed, tack the sleeves of the uniform jacket so they fall at the wrist when child is in the “instrument position.”
  5. If needed, hem skirts so the hemline falls just above the knee.
  6. Hem skirts/pants with black cotton thread. (NO PINS, STAPLES, TAPE, or IRON-ON PRODUCTS.)


During the year:

  1. Keep uniform on hanger provided, in the blue garment bag. Please air out after parades. DO NOT iron uniforms.
  2. Dry-clean uniform when it gets dirty. Shoppers Village Valet will dry clean Nitschmann Uniforms all year for $8.50 with our school’s flyer. They also hem our uniforms at a discount price. Uniform fee only covers the “end of year dry-cleaning.” Uniforms become very smelly after the third parade.
  3. ALWAYS keep uniform hat in the box provided. The plume should always be stored in the cardboard plume tube.


End of year:

  1. You will be informed of the dates for uniform return.
  2. REMOVE any hems that you put in for your child. We keep a list of which students needed to have their uniforms hemmed. You are responsible for ANY MISSING hat pieces.
  3. If any uniform pieces are missing, your will be responsible for the replacement costs. Payment IS EXPECTED at the time of uniform return.
  4. Any uniforms returned after the scheduled uniform return night will result in a $25.00 late fee.
  5. If any uniform or uniform pieces are not returned by uniform return night, you will be charged for the items in full.


Questions?           Please contact Teena Lagree, Uniform Chair at:

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