Q4 Chair Audition Information

Chair auditions for concert band will be held from Wednesday, March 21 – Tuesday, March 27.  The auditions will determine your seat for band during the current quarter.

Each student will be required to perform selections from the music listed below in addition to the scales listed below. Each student will be evaluated on a scale of 1-10 in each musical element, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest score. The musical elements to be evaluated are: Technique, Tone, Interpretation, Rhythm, Intonation, Dynamics, and Articulation. Scales will be evaluated on: Notes, Rhythm, and Fingerings (Each scale will be out of a total of 15 points). All auditions will be recorded for the accuracy and educational purposes.

Each student will have their chair audition during their scheduled lesson.  If a students takes private lessons they should see Mr. Zettlemoyer to be see which groups they should attend.

Audition music recordings:

Lullaby to the Moon


Project Mercury

Galactic Episode

Space Journey





CLICK ON THE INSTRUMENT TITLE TO VIEW THE SCALE SHEET – Scales must be performed as written.

Flute – Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales F Major, Bb Major, Eb Major)

Clarinet -Lullaby to the Moon,Hyperdrive, (scales G Major, C Major, F Major)

Alto Sax -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales D Major, G Major, C Major)

Tenor Sax -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive,(scales G Major, C Major, F Major)

Bari Sax -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales D Major, G Major, C Major)

Trumpet -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales G Major, C Major, F Major)

French Horn -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales C Major, F Major, Bb Major)

Trombone -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales F Major, Bb Major, Eb Major)

Baritone -Lullaby to the Moon, Hyperdrive, (scales F Major, Bb Major, Eb Major)

Percussion – All percussionists will play their part for the parade cadence AND

Mikailya, Olivia, Avery, Micah – Superman

Bryant, Colin, Jazmyne – Hyperdrive

Boden, Neil – Galactic Episode

Will, Michael – Project Mercury

Matt, Cooper, Evan – Space Journey

Morgan – When You Wish Upon a Star


  1. Say your name. Ex. This is Mr. Zettlemoyer
  2. Say what piece and part you are playing. Ex.  I am playing Silver Bells violin part 2
  3. You must play the scales as written on the scale sheet.
  4. You must play When You Wish Upon A Star all the way through. DO NOT SKIP RESTS – COUNT THEM
  5. You must play The Forge of Vulcan all the way through.  DON NOT SKIP RESTS – COUNT THEM
  6. Email the recording to Mr. Zettlemoyer with the subject line reading:  Q3 BandChair Audition – Insert your name   Ex. Q2 Band Chair Audition – Mr. Zettlemoyer
  7. Mr. Zettlemoyer’s email: dzettlemoyer@basdschools.org
  8. Recordings must be received by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15 by 8 PM. NO EXCUSES.

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