Summer music camp information

  • Sneakers must be worn for all rehearsals.  There are no exceptions.
  • Dropping off your child.  Please do not drop off your child in the bus lane next to the building.  Drop your child off in the main parking lot.
    • Enter the school campus on 9th Avenue.
    • Turn into the large parking lot.
    • Drop off your child on the school side of the parking lot.
    • Exit the parking lot by turing right, back on to 9th Avenue.
  • Students should enter through the auditorium entrance to the building.  This entrance is by the flag poles.
  • Water is the only beverage permitted. NO GUM is permitted in the building!
    • Water and snacks will be for sale between rehearsals.
  • Music will be provided for ALL students when they arrive at summer music camp.  Copies have been made to fit into student music folios. Students do not need to bring copies with them.
  • Orchestra begins at 7:30  – 8:30 AM for violin, viola, cello and string bass musicians.  Students will receive music when they arrive at rehearsal.
  • Band begins at 9 – 11 AM for bandfront (Color guard), winds and percussion musicians.  Students will receive their music properly sized for their music folios when they arrive.
  • Jazz band begins at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM for all jazz band invitees.  Music will be distributed at rehearsal
  • Students who have not received their school instrument already will receive it Monday during their rehearsal.
New for 2018
  • THEME DAYS – Each day of summer camp will have a theme.  Have fun dressing up for each theme.  Please keep in mind that you must wear sneakers for all rehearsals.  The instrumental music student officers council has come up with the following themes for each day of summer camp.
    • 8/6 Monday – Blue and white day
    • 8/7 Tuesday – Favorite sport
    • 8/8 Wednesday – Tie-dye day
    • 8/9 Thursday – Favorite movie character
    • 8/10 Friday – Dress like Mr. Z. day
    • 8/13 Monday – Pajama day
    • 8/14 Tuesday – Hawaiian day
    • 8/15 Wednesday Hat/crazy hair day
    • 8/16 Thursday – Twin day
    • 8/17 Friday – Superhero day
  • TEAM ACTIVITIES – The orchestra, band, and jazz band will be divided into teams during their respective rehearsals over the next two weeks.  Teams will be awarded with points for participating in the theme days, rehearsal, rehearsal activities and other events during summer music camp.  The team with the most points at the end of each week of summer camp will receive a reward.  We will also have a “Grand prize” for the team with the highest points total for the two weeks combined.

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