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Happy New Year!
Once again, it is time to order cases of chocolate to continue our fundraising efforts for this year.  Delivery will be made at the band parent meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 and by arrangements made with me via email at
Chocolate sales work as follows: the cost is $48 for a box of 48 candy bars in assorted flavors.  Both cash and checks are accepted, checks made payable to NIMAS.  For each box sold, $15 goes into your child’s fairshare account.  The sale will run throughout the school year with orders being placed monthly as my inventory diminishes.
You have the opportunity at this time to reserve boxes of chocolate for pick-up at the band parent meeting to be held on January 16th.
  • Reservations for variety pack boxes will be accepted until Monday, January 7th.  Payment is due at time of delivery.
  • Reservations for boxes of one flavor (all 48 candy bars in one flavor) may also be ordered at this time.  As this is a specialty order, payment is required prior to ordering.  Pre-orders and payment for one flavor boxes will be accepted until Monday, January 7th.  Single flavor boxes come in the following varieties:
    • Milk Chocolate Almond
    • Milk Chocolate Solid
    • Milk Chocolate Crispy
    • Milk Chocolate Caramel
    • Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter
    • Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond
    • Dark Chocolate Solid
    • Dark Chocolate Coconut Custard
    • Dark Chocolate Mint
    • White Chocolate Truffle
    • Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
    • Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Please email me at with your order and with any questions you may have.  Thank you!
Happy Fundraising!

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